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Method Automation

We're a gritty bunch.

We believe in constant training and experimentation. We believe there is no substitute for experience.

We don’t believe in impossible.

We are energized by unique challenges, and we are fixated on delivering results — north of expectations and ahead of schedule.

We move fast because the world won’t wait.

We chase new ideas because the future belongs to makers and pioneers. We’re not fancy dressers. We’re more focused on solving business problems.

We are transparent. We insist that technology should simplify life, never complicate it.

We are inspired by each other, our neighbors and our community. Nothing outside of family brings us greater joy than seeing our customers accomplish something that surprises them.

All these tendencies and idiosyncrasies comprise the MAS team that has become one of the most trusted K2 partners in North America. We are proud of this, but humble enough to know that we’re only as good as the results we achieve for our next client.

The story behind Method Automation

In multiple business interactions and conversations over the years, Paul Konieczny, Founder and President, noticed a consistent dilemma: large budgets being spent on projects that never make it into production successfully. Paul knew that with his mastery of K2 software and years of development experience, he could turn those broken or lost projects into fully functional solutions. The desire to help these businesses connect their disparate systems within reasonable timeframes and budgets was the driving force behind the 2011 creation of Method Automation Services (MAS).

With no outside venture capital, Paul purchased an old bank building in an economically distressed area of Western Pennsylvania, started a 36-day renovation, hired a small team, and the company was born.

Paul started MAS with a no-nonsense attitude and a mantra on delivering successful projects “no matter what it takes.” Over the years, Paul and the MAS team honed a process to drive custom solutions into production ahead of schedule and within client budget.

“I love delivering more than one process to a customer with a budget I was given for only one,” Paul says. “It’s where the true value of their investment is realized.”

Over the past eight years, Paul and his MAS team of local talents, have driven hundreds of successful projects to production.

Our Leadership Team

Paul brings forth over 27 years of development and delivery experience in the custom, federal, and commercial software industries. He is dedicated to taking complicated business problems and delivering solutions that streamline and simplify, saving clients’ valuable time. Paul is a K2 Master and his invaluable knowledge of K2, .NET, SQL, SAO, Oracle, SharePoint, and Neural Networks are regularly leveraged to deliver innovative solutions for clients. His extensive experience in client-, server-, and web-based technologies allows him to identify the best solution for the client’s needs. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Spring Hill College.
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Paul Konieczny
Founder and President
With 27 years of technological experience, Kristin brings to Method Automation her profound knowledge and expertise in virtualization, network management, and cloud-based technologies. Due to her innate understanding of telecommunications and innovative leadership, Kristin played an instrumental role in the design, implementation, and management of Allegheny Technologies’ Desktop Services as well as spearheaded emerging server-based technologies. Kristin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Systems Analysis from St. Vincent College and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Duquesne University.
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Kristin Fontana
Brian is a client-focused sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in software, advertising, and digital media & software Sales. His dedication to fully understanding his clients’ needs, combined with his understanding of Method Automation’s services and solutions, enable him to build strong relationships across many industries. Brian’s focus on collaboration and partnership drives his approach to business development. He continually seeks mutually beneficial opportunities for clients and partners of Method Automation Services. Brian holds an Associate degree in Media & Marketing.
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Brian Anderson
Director of Business Development

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