Helping School Districts in PA to increase revenue collections

Method Automation Services now provides a cost effective high speed address verification engine to assist school districts with timely, cost effective and accurate accounting of taxpayers

What does your process look like...​

Taxpayer Validation Process

  • School District Validation
  • REV-1329 Form​ Creation
  • Approval Workflow
  • Automated Change Requests & Approvals
  • Automated PDF processing of REV-1329 forms

Accurate Reporting & Processing

  • Automatic separation of Non-PA residents found
  • Automatic separation of Addresses not found in the Municipal Statistics (Department of Community & Economic Development)
  • Automatic creation of REV-1329 Form by School District
  • Automatic digital routing of forms to school districts for verification and digital signature.

Increase School District Revenue

  • Eliminate Manual Document Scanning & Processing
  • Eliminate Lost Documents
  • Process Documents in accordance with PA Dept of Revenue Deadlines
  • Reallocate school resources to other processes.

Our Solution

We do the work for you…

  • Only pay for documents processed
  • Secure access to school district records for processing
  • Secure electronic storage of Rev-1329 forms




The average school district uses approximately 180 tons of carbon to perform this process through document printing, mailing, storage, destruction, and *lost documents. The automation savings are massive with a 166 tons of carbon emission per year.

*PWC – Hidden Costs of Missing Documents – 7.5% of all documents are lost and another 3% are misfiled. $120 for lost documents and $220 to reproduce from scratch.

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