budget 360

A powerful financial automation budgetary workflow solution like no other on the market today!

Budget 360™ is a solution accelerator used to automate any stage of budget book formulation and execution cycles

  • Bridge the gap between financial data and justification documents
  • Web-based document editing platform
  • Accelerates current manual budget formulation and execution
  • Document tracking system that eliminates the circulation of multiple document versions
  • Process steps fully audited and managed via centralized web interface
  • Utilizes Microsoft technologies, K2 Five, Oracle Hyperion EPM, and SharePoint.
  • Easily update budget related documents, section, and content
  • Customizable security based on the team member roles
  • 508 compliant user interface
  • Drives standardization for budget narratives, exhibits, and charts
  • Automatic routing of work tasks
  • Document editing platform provides an intuitive MS Word-like experience

Budget 360™ utilizes the workflow automation platform of K2 Five and the financial platform Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). 

Budget 360 minimizes or replaces manual processes for budget allocation, monitoring, reconciliation, and close-out resources. 

What is Budget 360?

A budget justification solution built for the Federal, State, and Local government spaces.

  • Connect all budget team members to their respective budget justification sections
  • Dynamic edit and review cycles that are automatically assigned to team members
  • Automatic task reminders based on set deadlines
  • Document version control
  • Central repository managed by Budget 360
  • 100% compatible with Microsoft Word
Budget 360 Logo
  • Budget team members can import/export an assigned section for other team members to review
  • Content edits, additions, and deletions, as well as comments, are automatically merged back into Budget 360.
  • All sections of the budget justification are automatically assembled into a single Microsoft Word document or PDF.
  • Automatic formatting of document sections as well as the entire complete justification, exhibits, and charts
  • Budget 360 can assemble the final justification by budget department or by specific document sections.
  • Clear visibility into pending, completed or overdue tasks, document completion timeframe, as well as team member assistance.
Budget 360 Flow