K2 Five (Brokers vs Web Services)  


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11/04/2018 5:16 pm  

With the introduction of K2 Five and K2 Cloud many of you are wondering "How does this affect my integration service brokers?" , "Do I have to redeploy / recompile?"

Well the good news is that K2 Five which is on premises will still leverage service brokers while K2 Cloud will be mostly leveraging web services that you will expose - since you will not be able to register a custom service broker in the cloud environment. 

So then it begs the question.  Should you be building service brokers at all anymore?  Or should you just be building web services since you could use them in both Cloud and Five? Since most citizen developers don't really understand what a web service is much less how to map to it  - there might be a little more of an argument here than originally thought.

Let me know what you all think.


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