Automated Workflow Documenter


Cypher360 is an automated tool that examines K2 4.6.11 and above workflows to create comprehensive and accurate workflow documentation with easy to understand visual diagrams. With Cypher360 all key components of a workflow are automatically documented within minutes, a task that could otherwise take hours or days to complete.

Cypher360 provides a consolidated sequential data list of all K2 activities and events for any given workflow. The workflow details are displayed in a user-friendly format for quick and easy review.

What does Cypher360 map?

Consolidated Sequential Lists
all on One Page

Default Outcomes, Destinations,
DataFields, Events, SMartObjects, SmartForms,
IPC Calls

Clearly Outlined Routing Specifications

Routing line names,
logical conditions,
destination settings, and
other relevant
routing information

Consolidated Sequential Lists
all on One Page


Less Clicking with an
Expandable Viewing Area

No need to drill down
and get lost in a
countless number
of tiny windows

Easy to Read Diagrams
that Mirror the Workflow

Quickly convert K2 workflows
into a visual diagram
where each activity is
automatically linked to
the workflows data


Keep quality high & maintain consistency across workflows with clear documentation