Increase local tax revenue with easy to use tax collection application.

Customizable Tax application built for small cities and towns.

Low cost, customizable, high return application

Be Organized

Document management is made easy from preparation, through to auditing, by intelligent consolidation of locally-stored and cloud-based artifacts.

Stay in Control

Getting signatures or reviews the traditional way is a manual, tedious and expensive process. Being able to manage the progress of a legally binding document from one place is powerful.

Protect Your Information

Documents are never sent via email until fully executed. Documents sent via email are encrypted and password protected with each individual’s unique Document Protection Password.

Integrate with your Line of Business Systems

Automate critical line of business processes such as onboarding, sales, finance and legal.

Rich API integration features allows data to be passed to document templates stored within GetSignature and execute eSign request workflows in the most efficient manner possible.

Get results fast !

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