MAS Work Healthy Solution

Our Work Healthy solution can help organizations looking to rapidly deploy an employee-centric screening program for COVID-19.

MAS Work Healthy

MAS Work Healthy Solution

As organizations throughout the world prepare for the "new normal," they are implementing processes and seeking solutions to ensure that employee health and safety remain paramount. Organizations are looking to help employees return to work healthy and stay healthy while at work.

Method Automation Services' flexible Work Healthy solution can help organizations looking to rapidly deploy an employee-centric screening program. Work Healthy is based upon our years of experience working with organizations to streamline and simplify internal processes. It is a secure, cloud-based application that can be implemented for your organization in a matter of days, allowing business to re-start while keeping employee health and safety as a top priority.

Secure Cloud Application

Rapid Implementation

Easily Configurable

MAS Work Healthy is fully configurable to accommodate federal, state, local, or industry-specific guidance around COVID-19. Screening questions can be quickly and easily modified by an administrator without writing code, allowing your organization to be nimble in its response to new guidance. In addition, MAS Work Healthy provides your organization with an auditable record of its process around employee screening, protecting both the organization and the employees.

Online Health Check Process
Self-reported or employer-captured

Real-Time Dashboard
Metrics for each department/facility

Incorporate federal/state guidelines

Manager Notifications
Employee status changes

Email and text message notifications

Out-of-office and target return dates

Safe and Secure
 ISO 27001 certified

Audit process with built-in reports

Work Healthy is a solution for organizations seeking technology to help them operate efficiently while prioritizing employee health and safety. Contact the Method Automation team today to discuss how we can partner with you to help your employees stay well.


Maintain productivity in a healthy environment.

MAS Work Healthy

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