Service Brokers

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Why spend hours developing integration points when we already did it for you?

Fully documented, tested and supported service brokers that reduce and eliminate developer time and empowers your citizen developers.

File Management

The File Management service broker provides the citizen developer the ability to perform file manipulations as part of a workflow.

Methods Include:
Create Directory
Directory Exists
Remove Directory
Disk Space Check
File Copy
File Exist Check
File Move
Rename K2 File
Save K2 File to Disk

And many more developer time saving functions.​

Version 4.7 & K2 Five Ready

Connect Disconnected Systems

Integration Service Brokers that are battle tested in production environments.

Verisk Medical Records Retrieval

Formerly known as Mediconnect, Verisk uses custom-built proprietary technology to deliver medical records from facilities and provider locations across six continents. The company’s clients access the clinical data through a cloud-based workflow management system. Verisk also offers scheduling, retrieval, review, data validation, and analytics.


Twilio SMS Text Messaging

A service broker that allows you to send text messages, either from your SmartForms or workflows all while capturing the transactional data in an optional system Smartbox SmartObject for future reporting. 

The SmartHook (Sold separately) allows users to create rich user experiences and open an entirely new level of possibilities in managing tasks.  The SmartHook is a webservice that provides employees of your organization to respond and action K2 workflows directly from their mobile devices.


Documentation on how to use and where to see the best results in workflows and SmartForms. Real life examples, installation guides and how to documentation that gets you up and running in no time.

Elite (Thomson Reuters)

Thomson Reuters Elite is focused accounting modules for law practices. The Elite service broker from Method Automation Services enables your workflows to manage, create and update:

Check Requests

The Elite service broker provides simple integration across all of your platforms via a SmartForm or workflow.


Stop Pitfalls

Robust error handling and easy to read error messages.​

Google Geospatial Service

The Geospatial service broker allows you to input an address and return a longitude, latitude and timezone – allowing addresses to be verified and map plotting for business intelligence.

Simplify K2

Integration Service brokers that are battle tested in production environments.​

K2 Actions

The K2 Actions Service Broker allows all of the core K2 worklist item functions to be accessed from a workflow or a SmartForm. Functions like:

  • Redirect
  • Release
  • Delegate
  • Update Folio
  • Set Out of Office
  • Get Out of Office Status
  • Cancel Out of Office
  • Goto Activity

Hundreds of successful integrations to third-party vendors and custom homegrown apps.

High-speed Active Directory

The K2 service broker integrates with Active Directory to provide high speed results in large enterprise environments.  This broker eliminates the objects that are not valid users accounts, increasing performance and security by not exposing service accounts or machine accounts.  The methods return only the most frequently used properties needed from Active Directory rather than 20+ properties returned with the out-of-the-box AD service broker.

We build windows services for custom escalations – change escalation rules on the fly!

Business Dates

The K2 service broker provides a dynamic method to calculate business days, excluding holidays, weekends. The broker can be used for processes like contract management, statute of limitations calculations and leave or vacation requests.

We build custom work lists to meet your business needs with advanced integration, sorting, grouping and filtering.

QR Code

This K2 service broker allows you to dynamically generate QR codes to insert into SmartForms, Word documents or PDF files. It works great for Asset Tracking workflows as well as document management.

Connect Disconnected Systems

Integration Service brokers that are battle tested in production environments.​

iManage Document Management

This integration service broker provides the following functions: upload, download, access, workspace creation, workspace and file renaming.  Allowing documents to be created and profiled as part of New Matter Intake process or Conflict Check consistently and correctly every time.

Manage Process Data Fields

Changing a process data field can be performed in a standard workflow but changing data fields within running workflows allows modifications to be made on views and/or forms. By changing a process data field, the user can fix a workflow that is in error either because it is missing a value or has an incorrect value within the process data field. 

Don't see the integration you need?

We can build anything! We have the team that can connect your K2 to any proprietary system or third party vendor that is critical to your business. And do it quickly.


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