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So many companies struggle with manual processes, lack of visibility and disconnected systems, but we’re out to change that. Our team is made up of top-tier business and technical architects, project managers, UX designers, and developers who understand the power of business process applications and their ability to transform any organization. Below are a few examples of the services we offer:

  • K2 consulting and delivery
  • K2 installations
  • K2 software sales
  • Custom software development
  • Mobile applications
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Systems integration
  • Cloud services
  • Migrations

K2: a powerful platform for process automation

Rich workflow, user-friendly forms, deep visibility and integration across line-of-business systems. We use K2 because it is easy to create (and then amend) applications, it saves time, and it has more than enough capabilities to solve any business process challenge.

Mapworkfloz K2 Screen Batch Activity


MapWorkfloz is a proprietary Method Automation software solution that sits on top of K2 and provides a set of dashboards and tools to speed development and better manage K2 applications.

method automation Integrated service brokers

Why spend hours developing integration points when
Method Automation can provide a ready-made solution?

Integrated Service Brokers

K2 provides numerous Service Brokers that expose common LOB (Line of Business) systems such as but not limited to SQL, Oracle, Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM as SmartObjects. Method Automation has extended the standard set of brokers by writing custom Service Brokers that integrate with many key LOB systems.

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