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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is FREE!  Register today to download and print incoming 1329’s

Yes- You would need to purchase Act80 Automated to upload your file.

ACT80 Automated is a yearly service with one invoice sent to your school district.

No. There is nothing to install. ACT80 Automated is an online service that is accessible from a web browser.

Yes. Additional users can be added after your payment is received.

If you are checking previous years, be sure to upload the most current file from the state for that year.

All data uploaded to ACT80 Automated is encrypted. The website is secured with HTTPS.

Method Automation Services has a contact person for each district. 

Yes. You can print the step-by-step user guide. The user guide is located within the “Learn Tab” on the Act80 Automated website. The learn tab also provides 12 short videos explaining the steps to complete the report.

Yes. There are three options for support:
  • Email questions to
  • Call our support desk @ 724.227.0711 x302
  • Submit a request via the form at the bottom of this page.

There is no limit to the number of users when your invoice is paid in full. The admin for you district must first establish the account. Additional users can be added and must be approved by the admin to keep the account safe.

Please email our Director of Sales, Brian Anderson or request your quote from the website.

We utilize five current databases; the US Census, the Penn State Census, Munstats, a Proprietary US database and  an Amazon Web Service.

No. They will receive your email; however, the recipient district will need to be registered to review and print the 1329 that your district is sending.

No, the state will now email the link to login to MyPath to download the file.  

No. Act80 Automated is web-based and no software would need to be purchased.  

Yes! ACT80 Automated now provides registration status and contact information on incoming 1329’s. This can be viewed under Dashboard / Library / Incoming Districts.

Paid clients will always have access to the print and download buttons no matter the outgoing district’s registration status. Paid clients have the option to choose the print and mail service for the final state file that is included with their subscription.

Registered and unpaid clients will have the ability to download and print incoming 1329’s.

Paid clients can print a state file for the PA Department of Revenue or choose the Print and Mail service that is included with the subscription.

Yes! ACT80 Automated provides a complete list of school district addresses. The address list is located under Dashboard /District / Shipping Addresses.

Addresses in Bold signify a registered district.

NO! 1329 forms remain on an encrypted server for access by a qualified registered user of the school district. NO files are ever transferred via email. ONLY notifications are sent by email.


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