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At Method Automation Services, we take pride in our proven track record of building top-notch solutions for accounts payable and banking environments. Our years of experience have given us the confidence to lead the charge and take these solutions to the next level. Trust our expertise and let us show you how we can streamline your processes and create a more efficient workflow. We are confident in our abilities and look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations.


Accounts Payable

Route Requests

Submitted requests are automatically routed through the approval process with notifications sent to the proper approvers, allowing you to get checks out quickly.

Attach Key Documents

With the ability to add and view attachments to each request, you are guaranteed to have all the documents needed to process the request.

Audit Trail

With a built-in audit trail there is a digital record of all steps within the entire accounts payable process. The entire AP process and dashboards are configurable and can be customized to fit your organization’s processes, even to external vendors.

Dashboard Reporting

With the our  automated Accounts Payable solution, you now have clear visibility into what was ordered, received.

Customized to Fit

Allow our team to customize your AP process to meet your data and workflow needs.  Don’t get locked into a general cloud solution that can’t be altered to meet your demands.

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Solutions that fit


Check Reqeust

Reduce processing time of an invoice and pay vendors in a
timely manner


Purchase Order

Cut down on paper invoices distributed throughout


Invoice Approval

Seamlessly move data throughout your entire accounting


Invoice Approval

Seamlessly move data throughout your entire accounting system


expense claims​

Reduction in lost or misrouted paper invoices


Travel Request

Eliminate human errors with user-friendly forms and autocomplete features


commercial bank Loan Operations​

Automated solution to manage over 25 types of loan operations work items improving the overall customer experience.

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