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Powerful low-code process automation

With the ease and power of Nintex K2 Cloud and Nintex K2 Five, you can drive process excellence across your organization by connecting people, systems, and data to orchestrate how and when work gets done.

Why Nintex K2?

Our team of developers has a wealth of experience with the Nintex K2 platform, boasting over 20 years of expertise. Thanks to the outstanding integrative capabilities of K2, we can seamlessly incorporate powerful business logic rules and integrate your workflow with any line-of-business systems. With our help, your users can reap the benefits of a centralized view of their assigned tasks, streamlining work processes and boosting overall efficiency. Trust in our confidence and ability to deliver exceptional results – we are here to ensure the success of your project.

Visually create workflows to handle both structured and unstructured processes, no matter the complexity.

Integrate existing systems and tools into your applications to connect with the data you need to make better decisions.

Solve automation challenges across your entire organization leveraging a single platform that was built to scale.

K2 Solutions

Our Developers Succeed


Accounts Payable Solutions

Automating your Accounts Payable (AP) process simplifies payment tracking and speeds up approval. Attachments can be added and viewed, ensuring all necessary processing documentation is included. The solution provides clear visibility into all costs, calculations, and invoicing, with a built-in audit trail documenting each step of the process. The AP process and dashboards are configurable and customizable for any organization, including external vendors.


Accounting Modules

The Accounts Payable Solution can be purchased as one all-inclusive suite or individual modules.

Check Request
Expense Claims
Invoice Approval
Purchase Order
Travel Request


HR Solutions

As a confident expert in HR solutions, we proudly offer our integration services to seamlessly connect with SAP or any other HR management system. A few of the modules include.

Employee On-boarding
Employee Off-boarding
Time-off request system
Employee Policy Distribution & Tracking


Manufacturing Solutions

Our team of experts have years of experience in manufacturing and are passionate about delivering quality custom solutions to our clients. We take pride in our ability to create tailored solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Whether it’s in audit scheduling, branch scrap request, capital asset tracking, or equipment and tool management, we always put in the extra effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work.



Event Ticket & Management

This app offers employees the convenience of purchasing tickets to company events through an online interface. The event parameters can be set by administrators, including the commencement of the sale, duration, ticket availability limits, purchase constraints, and more. Upon purchase, employees receive their tickets electronically, which can be scanned for entry into the event. As a result, the HR department saves valuable time as the physical ticket sales process is no longer required.


Law Firm Solutions

Method Automation has created matterPRO, a leading case and matter management solution specifically designed for legal teams. This platform streamlines daily tasks by providing a single, intuitive platform for all client information, automating reviews and approvals, and offering complete visibility into your client’s journey. Its seamless integration with line-of-business systems makes it the perfect solution for managing all aspects of legal activities in one place. Additionally, matterPRO provides a unique advantage to legal teams with its cutting-edge rapid application development solution for custom forms and workflows. Overall, matterPRO is the superior choice for legal teams seeking a powerful and efficient case management solution.


Budget Justification System

Budget 360 is the ultimate solution for Local, State, and Federal governments seeking to simplify and speed up the budget justification formulation and execution process. Our platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that mimics the popular Microsoft Word experience, making creating and editing documents a breeze. We pride ourselves on our expertise in financial management systems and our seamless integration with Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management so you can easily streamline your budgeting process.

We understand how tedious and cumbersome budget justification can be and that’s why we’ve created Budget 360, to make your life easier. Our web-based document-editing platform is designed to save you time and minimize human error while improving compliance with industry standards. So, if you want to take your budget justification process to the next level, don’t hesitate to give Budget 360 a try.


Banking Solution

Service request and fraud claims system built in K2 Cloud. Our solution provided management visibility and tracking, enhanced customer experience, increased business productivity, optimized resource management, and mitigated risk.

PowerBI dashboards and reports (enabled by K2’s OData integration) provide up-to-date, user-friendly visibility into the process and results, including agent workloads, claim status, and recoveries.


Service Brokers

Experience the ease and efficiency of our service brokers that are fully documented, tested, and backed with support. Say goodbye to wasted time developing integration points because we have got it all covered for you. Our solution is designed to empower your citizen developers, enabling them to focus on what matters most, innovating and creating better user experiences for your customers. Trust in our service brokers, and you can confidently drive business value while staying ahead of competition by rapidly delivering solutions to market.

Service Brokers:

File Management
Verisk Medical Records Retrieval
Twilio SMS Text Messaging
Elite (Thomson Reuters)
K2 Actions
K2 Actions
QR Code
iManage Document Management
Manage Process Data Fields



MAPWorkfloz is a proprietary Method Automation software solution that sits on top of K2 and provides a set of dashboards and tools to speed development and better manage K2 applications.
With MAPWorkfloz by Method Automation, users can access quick views and reporting tools, edit, sort, filter and group SmartObject data, diagnose and repair the health of a K2 database, use wizard-based process migration tools, and more .

Service Brokers

Don't see the integration you need?

We can build anything! We have the team that can connect your K2 to any proprietary system or third party vendor that is critical to your business. And do it quickly.

File Management

The File Management service broker provides the citizen developer the ability to perform file manipulations as part of a workflow.

Methods Include:
Create Directory
Directory Exists
Remove Directory
Disk Space Check
File Copy
File Exist Check
File Move
Rename K2 File
Save K2 File to Disk

And many more developer time saving functions.​

QR Code

This K2 service broker allows you to dynamically generate QR codes to insert into SmartForms, Word documents or PDF files. It works great for Asset Tracking workflows as well as document management.

Twilio SMS Text Messaging

A service broker that allows you to send text messages, either from your SmartForms or workflows all while capturing the transactional data in an optional system Smartbox SmartObject for future reporting.

The SmartHook (Sold separately) allows users to create rich user experiences and open an entirely new level of possibilities in managing tasks. The SmartHook is a webservice that provides employees of your organization to respond and action K2 workflows directly from their mobile devices.

Elite (Thomson Reuters)

Thomson Reuters Elite is focused accounting modules for law practices. The Elite service broker from Method Automation Services enables your workflows to manage, create and update:

Check Requests

The Elite service broker provides simple integration across all of your platforms via a SmartForm or workflow.

K2 Actions

The K2 Actions Service Broker allows all of the core K2 worklist item functions to be accessed from a workflow or a SmartForm. Functions like:

Update Folio
Set Out of Office
Get Out of Office Status
Cancel Out of Office
Goto Activity

High-speed Active Directory

The K2 service broker integrates with Active Directory to provide high speed results in large enterprise environments.  This broker eliminates the objects that are not valid users accounts, increasing performance and security by not exposing service accounts or machine accounts.  The methods return only the most frequently used properties needed from Active Directory rather than 20+ properties returned with the out-of-the-box AD service broker.

iManage Document Management

This integration service broker provides the following functions: upload, download, access, workspace creation, workspace and file renaming.  Allowing documents to be created and profiled as part of New Matter Intake process or Conflict Check consistently and correctly every time.

Manage Process Data Fields

Changing a process data field can be performed in a standard workflow but changing data fields within running workflows allows modifications to be made on views and/or forms. By changing a process data field, the user can fix a workflow that is in error either because it is missing a value or has an incorrect value within the process data field.

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Method Automation Services has delivered over 500 initial Nintex / K2 platform implementations. We have delivered workflow solutions for large and small partners (Accenture, General Dynamics IT, PwC) driving enterprise growth for each of partnerships.  Let us show you how we could help your company deliver!

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Method Automation Services first-tier support provides the technical and operational expertise to help you plan, implement, deploy and maintain applications as your solution evolves. We supplement your in-house IT staff with world-class engineers already familiar with your eco-system and technology infrastructure. Our first-tier support plans give you phone, web and e-mail access to senior-level technical support consultants who draw on a wealth of experience to identify and resolve a system problem rather than simply “fix a bug.” This enables users to leverage the full potential of the technology and minimize costly downtime for your team.


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