Automating manufacturing processes can help streamline workflows, ensure all processes are consistent, and reduce errors. It saves time and money by freeing up staff to handle other duties and responsibilities, resulting in more work done. Other benefits of manufacturing automation include less waste, data-driven decision-making, improved efficiency, actionable insights, reduced errors, improved communication and collaboration, and reduced paper-based processing costs.


Connect Data Silos

At Method Automation Services, we have the tools and the knowledge to connect your existing data silos without compromising security or data integrity.

Audit Solution

The application serves as a crucial tool for auditors to efficiently schedule and execute their audits. Auditees have the capability to seamlessly view their audits, log their feedback, and enter corrections for any discrepancies identified during the audit. Meanwhile, administrators wield the power to create fresh processes, tailor new questionnaires, and prepare comprehensive reports that sum up activity within each business unit. The application streamlines participant interactions and saves valuable time that would otherwise be expended in non-value-added physical interaction between administrators, auditors, and auditees. The platform serves as a central repository for all audit reports, findings, and corrections, offering a consolidated view of all the vital information. The application has proved to be highly efficient to conduct audits, as the time required to conduct an audit and have the auditee review and address the audit findings goes down drastically from 30 days to just 3 days.

Capital Asset Tracking

This application has been designed for the Capital Asset administrator, who holds the vital responsibility of managing all aspects of capital asset projects. In order to ensure that all new projects created in SAP comply with correct decision information and approvals, the administrator must attach these documents using our application. Our platform provides a range of tools including creating budgeting activities, transferring funds from contingency WBS to a different WBS, and other project/budget related requests. By centralizing communication through our application, the administrator can avoid the difficulties of managing email. Information will be retrieved from SAP on a daily basis and assigned tasks can be tracked by the application. Once tasks are completed, automatic email notifications are sent to ensure the efficient management of operations.

Branch Scrap Request-

This solution has been developed to streamline communication channels between different branches and dealerships of the company. The dealerships stock a range of sample products and parts that may eventually become obsolete or unsellable. In such instances, the branch responsible for the inventory will request that such products or parts be removed and deemed as scrap. To maintain inventory accuracy, an approval chain, based on the value of the products or parts in question, must be followed before the inventory can be scrapped and deleted from the database. Our application allows branch users to request the scrapping of a product or part and administers the approval process workflow. Once all approvals have been granted, the branch administrator will then physically remove the inventory and scrap the product or part(s). Through this solution, a check is performed via the workflow to determine if the Spare Parts Manager or Finished Goods Warehouse Manager can utilize the part or product, respectively.

Equipment and Tooling

Our company offers a sophisticated workflow and management application that streamlines the purchase of molds used in product production for retail sales. This solution enables our customers to request and receive approval for mold purchases in a timely manner. With our tool, the purchase process is made easy, and you can efficiently manage approvals for the different molds required for your products. Our professional-grade software guarantees that your purchase requests are handled with the utmost care and precision, providing an overall superior experience that benefits your business. If you need any further assistance in acquiring this solution and optimizing its use for your organization, we’re here to help and support you every step of the way.

Manufacturing Solutions

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