Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Method Automation Services has teamed up with Fortis to deliver a payments platform dedicated to transforming commerce into your competitive advantage. We’re here to guide you through your unique commerce journey and equip you with the right tools and capabilities for your industry.

power up your payments

The leader in integrated payments for software providers.

An award-winning API set, unique customization, and exceptional customer service that embeds payments into your solution without disruption

Better User Experience

Make transactions close to invisible by embedding payments into your software or solution. Facilitate payments within your current ecosystem, creating a seamless user journey from acquisition to purchase.

Add New Revenue Streams

Monetize your payment facilitation model and receive part of the processing revenue for the payments flowing through your software system.

Onboard Merchants Quickly

Embedding payments into your ecosystem will reduce the time it takes to underwrite and onboard merchants to your solution.


Integrate a seamless transaction experience

Deliver the modern, fluid, and predictable commerce experiences your customers demand through our comprehensive proprietary platform. Our secure end-to-end payment module enables omnichannel commerce advantages and ensures a seamless transaction experience. Plus, we go beyond payments to help you proactively optimize solutions that make commerce easier for your business.

Merchant Services

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