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Budget 360

A powerful financial automation and budgetary workflow solution unlike any other in the market today!

Budget360 is a solution accelerator used to automate any stage of budget book formulation and execution cycles.

Budget 360 boasts a range of sophisticated features designed to streamline budget formulation and execution. The platform serves to bridge the gap between financial data and justification documents, providing users with a comprehensive web-based document editing solution. Through the use of innovative technologies such as Microsoft, K2 Five, Oracle Hyperion EPM, and SharePoint, Budget 360 is able to accelerate current manual budget processes while offering a highly customizable user experience. Notably, the system offers customizable security based on team member roles, driving standardization for budget narratives, exhibits, and charts. Furthermore, automatic routing of work tasks ensures efficient workflow management, while the document editing platform itself provides an intuitive MS Word-like experience. Overall, the many features of Budget 360 make it a valuable tool for organizations seeking to simplify and streamline their budget management processes.

The Details

A budget justification solution built for the Federal, State, and Local government spaces.

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Budget 360™ utilizes the workflow automation platform of K2 Five and the financial platform Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). 

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