iMange10 Workspace Generator

New from Method Automation!
A desktop app that builds workspaces based on the templates found in iMange10.

As enhancements and business rules change effecting your iManage workspaces, our generator ensures that all previously created workspaces will conform to any new template changes. This ensures consistency across your organization.

Planning to upgrade to iManage10? We’ve got you covered.

Our Workspace Organizer evaluates the health of your current environment and meticulously cleans and optimizes your workspaces, getting them ready for the big leap to iManage10.

Why Choose iManage Workspace Organizer?
Efficiency: Save time and effort with automated workspace creation.
Consistency: Ensure uniformity across your organization’s workspaces.
Seamless Transition: Smoothly prepare for the iManage10 upgrade.


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