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K2 Five Version NOW AVAILABLE!!!!…

A powerful tool set for K2 admins & Citizen-Developers

With MAPWorkfloz by Method Automation, users can access quick views and reporting tools, edit, sort, filter and group SmartObject data, diagnose and repair the health of a K2 database, use wizard-based process migration tools, and more (Supported Versions K2 FIVE, 4.7 & 4.6.11):

Connect to multiple
K2 servers

Quickly connect and manage all of your K2 servers from a single interface.

Document and compare
Smart Objects

Document SmartObjects, track their changes and compare them with a side-by-side view.


A simple interface to correct process and activity data fields and retry the processes.

Simplify K2

The flexibility of MAPWorkfloz offers views and granular control of your environment with an easy-to-use interface.

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